Clear the Air

Green Environmental Technologies is a solutions-based company, providing the world’s most innovative advanced technologies and systems; proven to save lives, improve health, protect the environment, and increase efficiency.  Through the integration of communities, technology, and infrastructure, Green Environmental Technologies will be the world’s leading provider of sustainable, low cost, health, energy and environmental solutions. Green Environmental Technologies fosters long-term, value-added relationships with clients by providing technologies, resources, and support necessary to accomplish their environmental and energy goals while reducing consumption, increasing efficiency, and lowering costs.


Green Environmental Technologies Exists to:

  • Save lives by providing the most effective, low cost and sustainable clean water solutions worldwide
  •  Empower people, organizations, and governments to achieve environmental goals and energy mandates
  •  Be the preferred global provider of water enhancement and purification systems, indoor air quality, sustainable energy solutions and liquid spill prevention technologies


Our Strategy:

  •  A Holistic Solution-Based Approach – customized to each client’s needs – driven by results
  •  Offer the most innovative, advanced, highest quality products and proprietary processes in the World
  •  Relationships and partnerships with the world’s most knowledgeable engineers, contractors, politicians, professionals, manufacturers, universities, government agencies, and organizations


Mission Statement:


Our mission is to GET increased health and wealth in every home and business in the world using GREEN products.  Increased health and lower energy bills naturally increase incomes and profits, which naturally creates jobs.  While some technologies are very new, our team of professionals throughout the United States have been at the forefront and initiated some of those changes.  We are constantly partnering with trustworthy professionals in other fields that can help “GET” homes and businesses “GREEN” at lower costs to the consumers. You can trust us to be able to handle any need to GET GREEN thrown at us, and you can be sure you will GET the best prices.  If You GET GREEN- YOU’LL SAVE MONEY, MAKE MONEY, and STILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  It’s a WIN-WIN & WIN AGAIN scenario.