GT50 | Small Space Plug In Purifier

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It’s conveniently compact.

The GT50 is an ultra-compact, plug-in air purifier making it ideal for small spaces like lockers, closets, cabinets, bathrooms and more. The perfect travel companion, the GT50 is also great for purifying hotel rooms, dorm rooms and other destinations.

It’s effectively scalable.

Although the GT50 is much smaller than its counterparts, the GT3000 and GT1500, it still includes scalable purification. Scalability is essential to the efficiency of any air purifier. A simple-to-use rheostat on the GT50 allows the user to control the unit’s ozone output so the purification is most effective in your space.

It’s refreshingly powerful.

The compact GT50 plug-in air purifier uses low amounts of energy to produce powerful purification, sanitizing the air and eliminating odors in the space. The GT50 promotes a healthy living environment by significantly reducing mold, bacteria, viruses and allergens in the air.

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